Thursday, September 27, 2012

A weekend getaway

It won't be too long now that my wife and I will be spending a few days at our summer cottage in Quebec. Yes, I know its not summer but for the past three years we have enjoyed a Thanksgiving weekend in the tranquility of our lakeside refuge.

It is also our opportunity to get together with our daughter who has been living in Ottawa these past few years. She always appreciates a free turkey dinner. Sadly our son won't be joining us as he has in the past and has chosen to stay with friends back home instead.

Last year the weather was unbelievably warm. We don't expect the same this year, maybe even a little rain. The long range weather forecast predicts slightly higher daytime temperatures than otherwise normal. But we are not at all worried. Our brand new wood stove should provide us with all the heat we need. Finally, it is also an opportunity to meet with friends, visit relatives in the capital area and generally relax and put our feet up. Looking forward to it.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

These are some of my favorite shots of Halifax. Every time I visit I find the opportunity to take pictures and of course my favorite place is the waterfront. Not a season goes by that I don't have the chance to take wonderful pictures of the waterfront with my Olympus gear. Lately my camera of choice has been the Olympus EPL-2 combined with the 45mm f1.8; a wonderful lens, sharp and just the right focal distance to capture impromptu shots especially of people. Of course, time of day is essential and these 4 shots were taken towards the end of the day when the light casts interesting oranges and reds, my favorite time of the day for shooting.