Friday, April 12, 2013

Clocks are complicated - Smiths Enfield

But at the same time mechanical clocks are a marvel
 I bought this Smiths Enfield mantel clock from a clock enthusiast in Halifax, NS for what I thought was a pretty fair sum. I doubt that this clock has ever been serviced so I didn't expect much. The case was a little beaten up as well but I spent a little time sanding and lacquering the case to bring it up to what I think is a very presentable condition.

The clock ran fast from the start to the tune of 15 minutes per day and a clock forum I belong to (NAWCC) gave me all kinds of advice, some a little questionable but the opportunity to ask questions and hear from experts gave me the confidence to do a little repair by replacing the suspension spring which was (apparently) too short.The spring is that little thingy at the top of the first photo, a pretty simply fix but it meant ordering a part from Timesavers in the US. Not a problem, great service and speedy delivery. Now to see if it will work. After applying pivot oil judiciously, I started it up. At first it was still gaining time but not as much as before but now I am not so sure. Perhaps it did help and perhaps I did fix it after-all.

Anyway, I like this hobby and with my confidence steadily building I am on the look-out for a new acquisition. Now where is that Pequegnat Regulator #1?

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Cottage Anticipation

 Last Easter we decided that a trip to the cottage in Quebec would be a great idea. It was coolish and the snow had disappeared for the most part but we felt that a stay overnight involved too much in the way of opening the cottage up. We ended up staying just one day but we made the most of it. An overnight stay was out of the question. Besides, we would not have had running water at that point in the season. So, it was a day trip instead and we quite enjoyed ourselves. here are some photos from a year ago and as you can see things are somewhat bleak.
This year we heard that the snow has not completely disappeared and that a trip up would have been a little more difficult so, we now have to wait till the summer time which at this point is really only a couple of months away. Looking forward to it.