Tuesday, May 14, 2013

EP5 is not for me

A few months ago I purchased an EPL-5 which has the same sensor as the OMD. Now the sensor in the EP5 which was just introduced this week is the same sensor in the other two cameras I mentioned. Will I buy it - no! It has plenty of enticing new technology, such as focus peaking, two wheel controllers, Wifi, solid build and so on but things I really don't need at this point.

I have always thought it wise to wait a generation or two before plunging into a new camera purchase. I had the EPL-2 for a couple of years having skipped the EPL-3. My newly acquired EPL-5 is leaps ahead of both those cameras. I am going to see what the new OMD-E6(??) offers  and if it offers phase detection I think I might be tempted to buy it. Anyway I just ordered an external stereo mic today for the EPL-5 which really interests me because I want to expand my experimentation with video.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Downtown Halifax

 It is nice to see a little economic activity in Halifax. A new building is going up. This time it is an office tower. This 10 story structure is located on Hollis near the Baton Rouge. I would think that the condominium boom has passed and it is time to look to the downtown core for more office building construction.
The Historic properties are looking good but March is not a tourist time in Halifax and people were few and far between. Still a little quiet is good sometimes.