Friday, June 7, 2013

Spring is here

Spring is here and along with the bugs but thankfully a few of them are beneficial. I caught this honey bee on the head of a flower in the front garden simply going about it's business. Shot with a 50mm Olympus macro lens.
And another from a neighbour's garden.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

More Car Shows Photos

69 Jaguar Saloon
 Alas it turned out the the Spyder I saw was a replica, so I am a little bummed about that. Still it looked great. I imagine that if it were original it would not be sitting in a field with a bunch of other old crocks.

I loved this 69 Jag because it reminds me of  the car my cousin had in the seventies though his was a gun metal grey. Fast and very comfortable; they were very stylish cars for their time. It was nice to see a well preserved example of this one at the car show.
65 Thunderbird
 I always loved the rocket shape of the 65 Thunderbird and lusted for one when I was a kid. This example looks good but upon closer inspection, needs a little tender loving care.
49 Mercury
 I really liked this car. Nothing special in an of itself but a standout just the same. It is a 49 Mercury  in exceptional condition and when I spoke to the owner he gave me some valuable information about a fellow he knew that did great upholstery work. I am on the hunt since I have some major work that needs doing on my 82 Audi.
63 Studebaker Avanti
Usually an Avanti II turns up at car shows. They are great cars but not the original like the one you  see in this photo. Again, an excellent example of a truly groundbreaking design from a company that eventually lost its way.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Golden Age Car Show Truro 2013

Porche Spyder
 On June 1st I took my annual trip to the local antique car show in Truro, Nova Scotia and saw some interesting examples of cars of days past.

One of the best is the Porche Spyder pictured in the first 2 photos. Anyone with any memory of James Dean (Rebel Without a Cause & Giant) would know that he was an accomplished race driver but that he had died tragically in Porche Spyder in 1955. The car is a real beauty with classic curves emulated by Porches to this day.
rear of Spyder

Triumph TR6 interior
 Another true classic is the Triumph TR6. This I believe is a 71. With straight 6 and Stomberg carbs it defined the sports car of the 60s; fast and agile (for its time) it cemented Britain reputation as a nation of sports car builders. It had an independent rear suspension, a long top gear for touring, full instrumentation. relatively long wheelbase for its size, bucket seats, disk brakes up front and an optional hardtop if so desired.  I would have preferred British Racing Green as a colour. However Britain lost its way with the TR7.
front view TR6
 Next is the height of chrome, a Mercury. American was discovering its love for chrome and many interesting designs came out of the manufactures of that era. In this example you can see the intricate detail and the workmanship of the grill.
40s Mercury
 Smartcar move aside. BMW was way ahead of you.This Isetta from either the late fifties or the early sixties looks really cute. I would hate to be in an accident with it however. I would imagine that even the gentalist of collisions would be a nasty one for the driver.
BMW Isetta