Thursday, February 6, 2014

Stromberg Carlson Grill Cloth Installation

New grill cloth installed
I am nearing the end of this project. The Stromberg Carlson Console model 662 is nearing completion. The final lacquer coats have been applied and grill cloth added this evening. So far I am pleased though I must say that I learned a few things on this project and yes, there is the odd mistake here and there but only if you look close and know what to look for.

The grill cloth comes courtesy of my local fabric store, and for $5.00. I was a little reluctant to spend $25.00 or so plus tax and shipping for something I could easily get locally. Besides it passes for grill cloth one would find for the period.

Next is to reinstall the chassis and apply new decals.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sessions Mantel Clock

Sessions Clock
Clock movement

My latest clock acquisition is a Sessions Mantel clock made in Forestville Conn.USA. It appears to have been made around 1910 or so. The movement is original and the case seems to be in really good shape. It is missing the label. The back access board does not look to be original but it is cut and mitered properly, no doubt added by a repair person in later years. the movement is definitely a Sessions movement as indicated by the familiar Sessions logo and the pendulum bob.

The seller tells me that he oiled and serviced the clock a month ago and replaced 2 bushings.

I tried cleaning it tonight with a little Murphy's Soap and a lot of gunk came off, just hoping that it is not part of the finish. However it is not surprising that a build up of dust, dirt and oils would be present after having sat for over 100 years.

My limited research tells me that this might be a "Raven" model, made around the year I indicated. Apparently these cost about $7.00 at the time and a replacement movement was around $4.00.