Monday, February 10, 2014

What I like about the Panasonic G6

Panasonic G6
The G6 has everything I need in a camera at a very reasonable cost. It is probably the best "bang for the buck" camera available at this time in the four thirds format. The .jpegs are fine and what you would expect from a mid range Panasonic camera but the video, that is another story. It is leagues above the EPL-5 that I also own and at 1080 60p the video output is amazing.

About 4 years ago I picked up a Panasonic 14-45 lens and it is certainly well mated to this camera. Of course, this allowed me to buy just the body and saving me a little money in the end. The photo shows the 14-42 lens mounted to the camera (obviously not my photo).

Things I really like; the level meter, the numerous buttons that can be customized, a popup flash among others. The EVF is much better than the EPL-5' + VF2 which surprised me somewhat. I did not realize that there would be such a difference in colour clarity and the size of the displayed image.

The handling and ergonomics are much like a DSLR with a protruding grip that allows you to hold the camera very firmly. I wish the strap were a little longer though because I tend not to use it as much as I should. I have a SEMA-1 Olympus mic with 20 foot cable and I was delighted to discover that the mic is perfectly compatible with the G6 which has a front situated input jack, very, very  handy. The swiveling touch screen screen is also an attractive feature that allows shooting from almost any angle.

There are plenty of features that I have not explored yet but I think it will be an interesting journey. I can't think of anything I dislike, oh, perhaps the plasticity feel of the camera but I have no doubt that the camera will be durable enough when I take it on our trip to Europe in the spring.

Stromberg Carlson Radio Chassis Number 662

Dirty and grimy
 Of course there is a radio in the cabinet and this is what it looks like once taken out. Just 4 screws. The first photo shows it as it came out with close to 70 years of grease and grime.

Cleaned and polished
The second photo shows what it looks like once I cleaned it up. It was very simple, I used Q-tips and soapy water to take what I could off and a micro-fiber cloth to wipe it down afterwards. The tubes and shielding were cleaned and polished up a bit. Does the radio actually work?  I think so, but I have not powered it since I began plus the tuner cable is broken and when I thought I was tuning a station the variable capacitor (the tuner) did not move at all. I will give it another shot once I install it and we'll see what happens.

What I have learned is this. I thought that the model number for the radio console was 662. 662 actually refers to the radio chassis number. And like today, they put the same chassis in a number of radios. So, I really don't know what this model is called. the search continues.