Saturday, September 19, 2015

Lobster Mac and Cheese - A unique Nova Scotia dish

Do you like Lobster? Do you like Mac and Cheese? Why not put them together in one scrumptious dish. Not such a strange combination at all, in fact; it is quite delicious. If you research the net you will find different variations on this unique recipe.

What really inspired us was the bar menu at Pictou Lodge located just outside the historic town of Pictou in Nova Scotia. It is pretty simple recipe, creamed cheese, macaroni and lobster but it is the spices that make all the difference. And it helps that whoever is cooking it knows a little about food preparation like my dear wife.

Putting it all together
For $11 at Pictou Lodge for instance, you can have what I would term a true Nova Scotia delicacy. For about the same price, yes lobster is pricey in central Canada, you can enjoy lobster mac and cheese in the comfort of your own home as we did.

A little stove time is necessary
The photos show us making this wonderful dish at our cottage in Quebec.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Porch Life at the Cottage

One of the most important improvements we made to our cottage in the past year was an extension of our screened in porch. The cottage faces the lake and it is only a few short steps to the water. It was something I had planned to do when I retired but my wife and I sat down together and we decided, why should we wait? Life is too short!
Lit up at night
Yes we had to lay out some money. The costs were a little higher than we anticipated because we had to install a custom floor to match the existing floor, after all the porch was an extension resulting in double the square footage once the job was completed. But well worth it.
Working on a jigsaw puzzle
It made all the difference in the world. It was our principle entertainment centre, a place to chat with neighbours, friends and family and a place to enjoy our meals. Indeed 90% of our meals were enjoyed on this porch.
Heavy rain
Our vintage Integrated Amplifier

Much of our entertaining was done in this area and it was only the coldest of days that drove us inside and there were very few of those this summer. Rainy days? Not a problem. In fact it would take a strong wind to bring any rain into the porch area.

To provide us with music during the summer I brought along an old amplifier. The last photo shows an vintage (circa 1975) Dynaco SCA80Q integrated amplifier that I pulled out of the basement after many years in storage. Although it performed very well, towards the end I was getting an annoying hum from the unit. Anyway, I will report on that in another post because the journey to repair the amp was quite interesting.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Who flew the coop - nobody it turns out!

Rhode Island Red
These chickens have it made in the shade. This is a chicken coop I happened upon this past summer. Now, fresh farm eggs are great but I realized when I saw this setup that nothing is free. Yes, those precious little eggs that are magically there each day are "free" or are they really?
The airing court
Coop construction

Ramp to the living area
This is quite the chicken coop. Not being a carpenter I cannot describe how it is made but I do know that it is a four-season abode for Rhode Island Reds complete with entrance ramp and outdoor "jail cell airing court".

Lots of room
But they don't really know that they are incarcerated, do they? They are that stupid! Or are they? The owner tells me that when he is home he free ranges the chickens on this property. Better tasting eggs he says. Won't they leave the property I say? No, they roam all around the property but at dusk they head right back to their coop as if by magic.

There is nothing like a farm fresh egg. I suppose it is all worth it but it is certainly not free!
entrance ramp