Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Update my Dynaco Part II

Dynaco SCA-80Q Integrated amplifier

Restoring my Dynaco SCA 80Q integrated amplifier to it's original state has been a interesting project though some would argue that the changes might even be beyond the original state and yes, it is a better integrated amp in every way.

Capacitors added
After replacing the C9 and C11 caps as well as the speaker caps I still experienced distortion in the left channel. What to do? The only boards I did not touch were the pre-amp and amp boards and it turns out that the problem was with the amp board, left channel. Since this was beyond my level of expertise I took it in to a professional shop. The shop found the problem almost immediately. The charge was $100 but worth it. The sound is wonderful.

So far I have put about $225 into this amp. Was it worth it? Unequivocally, yes. Why? It restores the amp to better than original condition and guarantees its life for an additional 10-20+ years. There are some other things I can do and that is to actually spend a little more money to update both the pre-amp and amp boards. I have had new experience wiring boards and I can also measure the voltage between two points to see if I have gotten things right.

At this point I am going to use this amp through the summer of 2016. If it gives me any trouble I will address the amp and pre-amp stages.

Taking a break

In the next few weeks you will see fewer posts as I am spending some quality time with friends and family at our summer get-away in central Canada. While in that area I intend to make my third visit to the Canadian Clock Museum in Deep River, Ontario. It is always exciting to see the newly added pieces to the museum collection and to chat with it's knowledgeable curator. See my clock blog for more information about this excellent museum

Regular readers have no doubt observed that my usual practice in the past year is to post at least one article per week in an effort to keep readers interested and of course help me, the writer, offer the kind of content that appeals to a broad spectrum of readers. 

If you have a comment on any of my posts please feel free to leave one though it may take some additional time for me to respond, so, a little patience would be appreciated.
In September I will resume my weekly posting schedule. As they say in the show business world – stay tuned!